“Coaching breaks down
barriers to enable personal
& professional development.”

Anxiety, frustration, lack of confidence and
self-esteem – these can all block us from achieving our goals, both at home and at work.

Stress can affect us at any time and prevent us performing to the best of our ability. Everyday problems become overwhelming and we can struggle to find any balance in our lives.

Issues like this can stop us from achieving our potential at work – and have a damaging effect on our health and our relationships.

Can personal coaching help?

Coaching isn’t training and it’s not counselling. A personal coach doesn’t give you the answers or offer advice, and they don’t try to ‘fix’ you.

But through a programme of listening, questioning, observing, talking and feeding back, one-to-one coaching can encourage you to look at yourself clearly. It can help you analyse how and why you react to certain situations, understand what your coping strategies are – and help you find ways to resolve the issues that hold you back.

Coaching helps:

Improve focus and direction

Increase self-awareness

Boost self-confidence and resilience

Accelerate personal and professional development

I was trying to balance being a mum on my own during the week, with all the challenges that work brings. It was affecting all aspects of my life and my confidence was low. Vicki helped me prioritise what was important and equipped me with strategies to get more organised and deal with situations better.

M. Pike, Nottingham, England

Who am I?

“I’m Vicki Bromwich and I’m a fully trained coach and NLP Practitioner. 

Through Innate Coaching, I offer one-to-one private and corporate coaching, helping people shed unhelpful patterns of behaviour and develop new skills.”

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