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“Your sessions are a blend of questioning, listening, observation and feedback – the aim is to help you understand your current situation and focus on future possibilities.”

I wanted to get to the next level in terms of career progression – I had plans to grow my team and I wanted to develop my own personal skills too. One of the most vital skills I’ve developed as a result of coaching with Vicki is communication. I mix with peers and senior leaders in a different way now. My confidence has improved beyond belief – I’ve upped my game completely.

Hannah Hamilton, Strategic Development Manager, Pick Everard

Vicki is easy to talk to and extremely supportive. She has helped me prioritise and equipped me with ways of coping with situations, both in and out of work. As a result, my confidence has improved immensely.

Michelle Pike, HR Advisor, NHS

I had reached a point where I needed to gain some strength to make the changes necessary for the next chapter in my life. Vicki helped me look at myself and question how I react in certain situations. I feel stronger and more resilient and better able to cope with life’s ups and downs. My confidence and self-esteem have grown and I’m able to see things clearly again.

Mandy Roberts, Specialist Practitioner, Local Authority

Vicki is kind and supportive. She noticed the small throw away comments and picking up on this detail and challenging it has really changed the way I think and feel. She is also very honest, which I appreciate.

Lauren Duncan, Business Owner, LDCelebrant

Working with Vicki does not have to change your life if you do not want it to. But when someone with her experience and enthusiasm is focused on you, your business and your role, your opportunities become so much more available and reachable.”

Director, leading consultancy firm

I wanted to maximise my working day and create a better work life balance that worked for both me and that of my employer. Vicki knows her stuff, she has experience of the corporate world. It was refreshing to work with her, and it felt comfortable. With the right amount of empathy, direction, and prodding to find my own solutions, I have the decision-making skills to have better balance in my life now.

Dr. Nicola Thompson, National Director of Compliance and Performance, Pick Everard

I’ve made sustainable changes to the way I think and how I approach situations.

Una Doyle, Contracts Manager, Global events agency

I was feeling stressed, worried and quite anxious about work and those feelings have gone. The absence of these has enriched my life and has freed up space to enjoy my work, time with my family and being more present. My sessions with Vicki helped me to rebuild my confidence.

Lee Ong, Internal Communications, UK Civil Service

At a time of significant change within the organisation, coaching helped me to create a new perspective and work through how to achieve the best results. I have been able to rethink strategies to manage the transition.

Craig Holmes, Regional Manager, Global logistics company

What can you expect from your coach?

Coaching is a process of learning. It will take you outside your comfort zone and stretch you. I provide the framework, the techniques and the tools – you bring the content.

  • Together we’ll determine a goal – this helps to maintain focus and motivation
  • We’ll develop self-awareness and awareness of others – because when we learn to recognise our own tendencies, we can be more considered in our responses. This in turn leads to better relationships, easier collaboration and improved performance
  • We’ll create a greater sense of purpose – to help identify and overcome obstacles and fears, change unhelpful belief patterns and reach our potential.

You can expect commitment and complete confidentiality. I work to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics which protects your privacy and our aim is to build openness and trust between us.

You can prepare for coaching by thinking about:

  • Areas for improvement – what would you like to work on, for example, motivation, self-confidence, conflict resolution, leadership skills, self-esteem?
  •  Your goals – what would you like to make progress with, personally or professionally? Where do you see yourself at the end of the programme?
  • Any blockers to development – is there anything that could make coaching less successful for you?
  • Your feelings – how do you feel about the decision to begin one-to-one coaching? Remember – you’re in control throughout. It’s important for you to feel comfortable, so we’ll always go at your pace.

    Then simply contact me to arrange an introductory call and we can go from there.

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