A structured programme of personal coaching helps us break down barriers and achieve our goals.

But coaching is a commitment, not an overnight fix and in order for it to be successful, you must be willing to devote time and energy to it.

Coaching must be realistic and practical. It has to be on your terms and at your pace because it’s all about you – your strengths, your opportunities and your goals. Your coach is there to help you unlock your potential and become more self-aware, but they should always keep in mind where you are today and where you’d like to be in the future.

There are various models that coaches use as a basis, but it’s important to remember that it’s a fluid process – it moves and changes. It also largely depends on your coach being able to ask the right questions and uncover the right detail.

The GROW method is a simple model that I use as a structure for my personal coaching programmes. First published by Sir John Whitmore in 1992, it acts as a framework for decision-making and problem-solving.

Using GROW, we define your goals, then find the tools and resources that will help you achieve them.

GROW stands for:
Goals – what do you want? Where would you like to be?
Reality – where are you now? What’s your current situation?
Options – what are your possibilities, strengths and opportunities for the future?
Will – what are the steps that will help you achieve your goal? What actions should you take to get there?

The goals we set are inspiring and challenging, but they’re also realistic and measurable. GROW is a proven technique for improving productivity and communication – and promoting greater self-confidence and motivation.

When we embark on a personal coaching programme, we examine our long-held patterns of behaviour. We explore how we deal with people, relationships and situations – and then we look at our options and find a way of moving past the things that hold us back and towards what we want to achieve.

If you’re ready to take the first step, contact me for an initial 30-minute call to make sure we’re the right fit. It’s a free call with no obligation, but it’s an important first step for us both.