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Not long ago, I realised my life was in a recurring pattern. I’d change jobs (every five years on average over the last 25 years), do well, get promoted, give it my all – and then burn out.

I wanted to break the pattern but first that meant examining why it was happening. I started a long process of looking at my behaviour and analysing my responses. It helped me find the confidence and self-belief I needed to make the changes I wanted.

I’ve come to realise that many problems within the workplace are caused by people experiencing anxiety, frustration, boredom, low self-confidence and lack of self-esteem. If we can break these unhelpful patterns of behaviour, then we’re in a good position to achieve more.

I’ve changed my career now and I love what I do. I work with people from all walks of life to help them identify and overcome issues that are blocking them emotionally and stopping them from achieving their potential.

Vicki’s compassionate understanding and infectious coaching style has taught me how to change my mindset and beliefs, so that my dream of writing a novel turned into a goal, and finally a reality.

U. Doyle, Rugby, England

“I believe everyone has the resources they need within themselves.”
One-to-one coaching is a partnership that helps you discover yourself and develop new skills and behaviours. It encourages you to explore your future possibilities and find your potential from within. It challenges you and inspires you to achieve lasting results.

How do I work?

  •  The first step is a 30-minute call – This initial call helps us establish if we’re the right fit for each other as coaching relies heavily on trust, communication and rapport. When we talk, we can agree our goals, expectations and the direction we want to take.
  • A programme that’s tailored for you – We co-create the programme to suit you, you’re in control and we’ll always go at your pace. We’ll have regular feedback and reviews to confirm our objectives and our focus. Payment is on a monthly basis and you can cancel at any time.
  • Ongoing support – towards the end of the programme, we’ll look at how you can continue to progress and where to find the ongoing support you need.
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